India has always been a potential market for varied industries and with the new government coming up with the idea of ‘Make in India’, things are getting bigger and better for small scale industries and startups. At Global Consultancy Firm, we believe in helping businesses with their plans, offering a whole range of services for them to rely on. Our core team works on all aspects that small businesses are interested in- starting off from the risks and concerns to more data based research, study and beyond. If your business idea gets finalized, we can even help you in setting the business straight away, with help on licensing, premises, registrations and all other practical elements.

Over the years,  has worked extensively with Indian and international companies, helping them start out in a market, where the data and records for analyzing are very limited. We do our own research and work extensively to ensure that clients get the best results from the information we have. Also, we take a keen interest in understanding the concerns of startups and small scale businesses, often offering a clue or advice on how the issue can be managed. Not to forget, we will take care of search for business premises, staffing and beyond.

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